Old Clinics vs Medxm Retail Clinics

Retail clinics are becoming a more common option everywhere around the country. You have more than likely seen health clinics pop up in local retail stores. Traditionally, clinics have been used to either address emergencies or minor health issues.

A new generation of retail clinics is moving away from this model by offering a much broader range of services. Health plan members are invited to these clinics to receive health care, care management, and risk adjustment services. Overall, retail clinics have made healthcare more convenient and more accessible for health plan members.

Why are retail clinics a popular option?

Medxm retail clinic waiting room

The success of retail clinics can be explained by their convenient locations. Patients already head to these stores to buy groceries or other items and do not have to change their weekly routine in order to see a health professional. The locations and hours are also usually more convenient than traditional health practices.

Patients are more likely to trust retail clinics since they are already familiar with the retailer. There is also the fact that some patients are not comfortable with letting a health care professional they have never met before enter their home. Feeling at ease in a location they are already familiar with makes patients more likely to play an active role in their health care.

Overall, retail clinics have a high satisfaction rate, which means patients are more likely to come back on a regular basis, take control of their health and become more pro-active when it comes to managing risks and receiving preventive care.

Who is MedXM?

Medxm retail clinic office.

Since 1990, MedXM has been focused on completing the circle of care between health plans, members, and physicians. MedXM has numerous retail clinics in stores around the country to help do just that.

Here is how MedXM has been able to make a real difference in the world of healthcare through retail clinics:

  • Education, Early Detection, & Prevention
    MedXM’s mission is to educate health plan members and encourage behavior modification. By encouraging changes in members’ habits, this approach reduces the risk of developing more serious conditions in the long run. Through emphasizing early detection through retail clinic health assessments, MedXM and its health plan partners can discover any health issues as early as possible in order to offer preventive care to members.
  • Satisfaction
    The retail clinic option for health risk assessments and health care services puts members in charge of their care and renders feelings of empowerment. When members feel empowered with their healthcare, they in turn become more satisfied with their health plan. A satisfied member is a lot more likely to use their health plan’s preventive services on a regular basis and to play a more active role in their health care. This type of positive and proactive attitude greatly lowers risks and reduces costs.
  • Customization
    MedXM offers customizable solutions in function of what makes sense for a location or for a specific health plan member population. Depending on the member population, MedXM can customize retail clinics to better suite the demographics and culture of the local area. The point is to make members feel comfortable and at ease; offering customized retail clinic options can improve participation rates in prevention and stars programs.
  • Insight
    MedXM retail clinics gives health plans insight to their members’ mobility and mental state. If a member can make it to a retail clinic for their health assessment, their independence is already demonstrated.
  • Human Dimension
    Face to face encounters within a retail setting improve engagement. Physicians are able to find out more about members’ habits and educate them about health risks. MedXM healthcare professionals develop customized encounters to address the needs and risks of each plan member.

Are you curious about MedXM retail clinics? Contact us to find out more about MedXM and learn more about how our retail clinics have already helped thousands of members.