Why Choose Retail Clinics

Retail clinics have become a major component in healthcare offering a convenient option for health plan members. Based on this trend, the number of retail clinics continues to grow. In terms of completing a MedXM Health Risk Assessment or health screening provided by a member’s health plan, here are five reasons why members may opt to visit MedXM Retail Clinics.

Major Reasons for Why People Choose MedXM Retail Clinics

  1. The hours are more convenient
    A MedXM Retail Clinic is typically open from 8AM to 9PM. Health plan members are on the go, and a MedXM in-home Health Risk Assessment can only happen during regular working hours. So if members work, a MedXM Retail Clinic may give them more time to make an appointment and see a doctor for their visit or screening.
  2. The location is convenient
    A MedXM Retail Clinic could be on the way home from a health plan members work or errands. Instead of going home for a health assessment visit, a member can make their appointment earlier and complete the exam at a time and location that best fits their schedule.
  3. Privacy
    Some people are not comfortable allowing a doctor into their home. A MedXM Retail Clinic offers an alternative giving members peace of mind in knowing that they won’t have to clean last minute or find a private space for the assessment. People with families may not want their children interfering or their family members to overhear their assessment, so a MedXM Retail Clinic offers a solution to those who would appreciate more privacy.
  4. The member frequents the retail store
    Perhaps the health plan member frequents the retail store where the MedXM Retail Clinic is located. If so, the member is already familiar with the store and more inclined to agree to a visit at their preferred shopping center. The member can even complete their shopping after their assessment or screening making the assessment and MedXM Retail Clinic a convenient stop along their normal routine.
  5. More Comfort & Credibility
    For some members, a MedXM Retail Clinic setting adds credibility to the entire process. A store which a member is familiar with, might make them feel more comfortable in completing the assessment or screening.

In summary, MedXM Retail Clinics give members options to choose the way they receive care. If members can complete their assessment in a store they frequent on their way home, get their shopping done and feel more comfortable in a retail clinic, makes it a welcome alternative for a member’s point of care.